In addition to our services and Sunday school activities we schedule a number of activities throughout the year for our boys and girls. These include evangelistic efforts after school or on weekends, and outings for fun activities and meals. We do not open these activities to children not attending church as we do not want to deal with issues of bad language and behavior that non-churched children would bring to such events.

Every fall our boys and girls take charge of a Sunday evening service and do all of the song leading, music and preaching. It is a great experience for them and a wonderful time for the adults.

Each summer we have a week long trip for our teenage boys and one for our teenage girls. These adventures allow them to see God’s creation, visit other churches and have a grand time with one another. These trips are open to children aged 12-19 who faithfully attend Sunday school and church throughout the year.

While we cannot legislate righteousness, we do have to have some structure in order to keep ourselves from evolving into the world. Thus, we have put the following clothing requirements in place for all church related activities. The submissive Christian views the Lord’s commands as the path of life. The rebellious view all commands as legalism.