There is a Reason Why

There are times when it is necessary to get back to basic concepts. This is one of those times.

The Church The Bar
Hymn Singing Rock and Country Music
Prayer Sharing Experiences
Bible Preaching Positive Reinforcement of Self Love
The Jesus of the Word The Jesus who approves of anything you do
One’s best clothes Casual attire
Strong families Swapping partners
Drinking a sin Drinking approved of
Dancing a sin Dancing approved of
Smoking a sin Smoking approved of
Bright lights Dim lights
Come to Jesus Come as you are
Authority Opinion
Sanctuary for worship Drinks and food at your seat
Jesus honored Jesus accepted as long as you aren’t a bold witness

You may call it what you want but if it has all the characteristics of a bar it is not a church.
We are going to continue to be a church.
We are not going to turn it into a bar.