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The DeLand School of THE BIBLE Fall 2014 Semester begins on August 24. There is still time to enroll as a regular student or as a correspondence student. Click the “School” menu link above for more information.

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Sermons by David Brown
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Sermons by Wade Shiu

Please note that this is copyrighted material. It is freely available for anyone to download and use for their own personal use from this web site. It is our desire that this material be used by as many people as possible; however, to maintain the integrity of the material, we need to maintain some level of control over how it is used.

Except as noted in this paragraph, we do NOT grant permission to host these files on other sites, and doing so will be considered a violation of applicable copyright laws. You may host up to seven sermon audio files on your web site as long as a link to this web site ( is included on the page with the files. Hosting any more than seven of these files will be pursued as a violation of applicable copyright laws.

Clicking on the links below will display a directory of the files on that topic. Each sermon audio file includes the date preached, the series name, and the sermon title. All files are in mp3 format. We try to find a good balance between high quality audio and having small enough files that they can be downloaded by those in other parts of the world where internet connections are very slow and unreliable.

Note that some of the longer file names are truncated. You can see the full name of the file (and the sermon title) by holding your cursor over the file name and looking at the information bar at the bottom of browser form.

Click here for a listing of sermons preached in 2010.
Click here for a listing of sermons preached in 2011.
Click here for a listing of sermons preached in 2012.
Click here for a listing of sermons preached in 2013.
Note that sermons can not be ordered individually – this is simply a listing of what was preached. These sermons are usually available on CD from the web store.

Once a sermon series is completed, it will remain available for download for another week or so and will then be removed from the web site. Those sermons will then only be available on CD from the web store.

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