Are you looking for resources to prepare a Sunday School lesson, Bible study, or sermon? Perhaps some of the material presented here will be of help.

Sunday School notes from THE BIBLE Baptist ChurchThese are the personal notes of the men who taught these lessons in the Adult Sunday School class. Some are highly polished documents, some are detailed narratives, some are outlines, some are testimonials, some are in the form of tracts, while others may make sense only to the men who wrote them and perhaps a few others. Some are in PDF format, some are in word processor format, and some are scanned images of hand-written notes. It’s quite a varied collection – but all of it presents God’s word as the literal and inerrant truth as written in the Authorized King James Version Bible.

This is a new project, and many of the notes are still awaiting upload. We will be adding to this collection of notes as we receive them from the teachers.

Books in PDF Format

The Benefits of Public Ministry
What The Quran Says About Jesus Christ