Reaching Others

First and foremost we remind every born again Christian that it is their privilege and responsibility to be a personal witness to others for Jesus each and every day. Below are some of the group efforts made by members of our church.

  • Public ministry
  • Nursing home services
  • Visitation
  • Tape ministry
  • Book ministry
  • Radio broadcasts
  • Jail services
  • Mission trips

By public ministry we simply mean, going where people can be found, and giving those people an opportunity to know the Lord Jesus.

One way in which this is done is by the polite and easy distribution of literature. In a park, a city street or at a staged event such as a ball game or parade we offer people tracts and pamphlets containing the gospel. Our youth have always enjoyed this work.

Another way to reach multitudes is by use of printed signs and banners displayed along public thoroughfares. A Bible verse held aloft at a busy intersection will be read by hundreds or thousands of people in an hour’s time.

Like all the prophets, all the apostles and Jesus himself, we lift up our voices in public places and preach the gospel. To crowds large and small we proclaim the wonderful words of life.

We attend fairs, parades, shows and gatherings of all kinds to which the general public is invited and offer God’s gift of eternal life to any who desire to make heaven their home.

Sitting in area nursing homes are two groups of people. First, there are dear Christians trapped in failing bodies who need the joy and uplift of a visit from brothers and sisters in Christ. Second, there are dear souls sitting at the door of eternity who need to be rescued from the final wages of sin and introduced to the Savior.

Regularly held services where the residents join in song, hear God’s word and fellowship with our church members are a genuine blessing to all who participate.

Visitation is the term used for two aspects of evangelism. One is the cold-call, for lack of a better term, where those who know Jesus move from house to house offering the gospel to their community. The other is taking time to sit in the home of a lost person, a new Christian, or a church member in need to be of spiritual assistance to someone who has requested a visit.

Our tape and book ministry is our most extensive and fruitful outreach. In 1987 we began sending cassette recordings of our sermons to a couple of missionaries we knew and told them they could have more at no cost. Word spread of good teaching – free. Letters began to pour in. We have now sent more than 1.5 million tapes to people in 110 nations. We have also published about 30 book titles, several of which have been translated into other languages. These teaching tools are being used around the world, with over 200,000 books in print. Our members help with the work of duplicating the tapes and filling the orders.

We began airing The Preaching of The Cross Radio Broadcast in 1991. This 30 minute program of Bible teaching by our pastor is heard on radio stations from Montreal to the Philippines to Nevada to Saskatchewan to Uganda and many places in between.

The Lord has given us open doors into area jails where evangelistic services and discipleship classes are offered to men and women with time to think about their need for life-changing faith in Jesus Christ.

Several times each year we are able to take a group of men and women on a trip to assist one of our missionaries on the foreign field or to evangelize some major event within our own borders. For example, we have been to Central America and Eastern Europe, to San Francisco and Salt Lake City, not to vacation but to make known the way of life.

As you attend faithfully and we get to know one another you will have opportunities to be directed by the Lord into some area of service for Him. We will gladly instruct you and show you how to be a good soldier in the Lord’s army.