During our regular services we provide a nursery for children ages three and under. This is done so for two reasons, it allows the parents of children to concentrate on the ministry of the word and it prevents the little ones from distracting others who have come to worship and to learn. Providing a nursery is a service to all who attend, not just those with children.

Some basic rules regarding the nursery.

The nursery will open fifteen minutes prior to service time and workers are to be in place and ready when nursery opens.

The nursery is only for children three years of age and younger. It is not a place for older children to play during services.

If your children have not been trained at home to sit quietly for an hour please use the nursery. People who do not have small children are not able to listen to a minister and a child at the same time.

Nursery workers are there to care for children that mothers may enjoy the services. For this reason we ask that mothers allow the workers to do their job. The scheduled nursery workers are to be the only adults in the nursery during services.

Should nursing mothers need to feed their babies during church services, they may utilize the library during all services with the exception of the Sunday School hour. During the Sunday School hour they may use the nursery.

For the safety of the children, they will only be released to the person who has that child’s number card.

Please come for your children as soon as services are over and then fellowship with others. This allows the nursery workers time to clean the nursery and get out in time to fellowship.
One of the nursery workers will meet parents at the first door to receive babies for care and return babies after services. It is not safe for the children to have a multitude of people walking in and out of the nursery area where they are playing.

No adult with any communicable disease or sickness may work in the nursery. No child with any communicable disease or sickness may stay in the nursery.