We do all that we can to make money a non-issue in our assembly. We understand that it takes money to maintain a functioning church fellowship, to properly upkeep the facilities and to send missionaries and Christian materials to a lost and dying world. However, we know there is a Biblical and orderly way to obtain and disperse funds.

There are no offerings taken in our services. There is a box conveniently located in the back of the auditorium where those wishing to contribute to the cause may make donations. The spot marked general is used to take care of all the ministries of THE BIBLE Baptist Church. The spot marked special allows for the giving of monies designated for specific causes announced from the pulpit or in the bulletin such as an urgent need on some mission field. The spot marked pastor’s gifts was established at the request of those who thought our minister’s family was under-compensated for their efforts.

We do not solicit funds from outside sources.

Following each service three men count the money, log the total and sign their names to the log book. Receipts are deposited weekly in a local bank. We have two treasurers to take care of the bookkeeping and payment of bills. All checks payable must have two signatures. Our books are open to be viewed by members in good standing at any time. We send a receipt to contributors and publish a financial report each January.

While we consistently tend to matters of benevolence through our giving, we cannot launder money for those looking for tax breaks. Funds donated to the church must be used for the church and its ministries in order to be tax exempt. We take and disperse monies only for those associated with or sent from THE BIBLE Baptist Church. Those wishing to contribute to the work of other good men and women should send funds to the church or mission board with which these workers are associated.