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Chinese Titles

The following are notes from the person who translated our books. We are not the translators and do not have Chinese Bibles.



1) Certain terms, which do not exist in Chinese, such as Womanhood have been “idiomatically translated” with a footnote explaining the English word and its meaning.

2) The Bible references and terms found therein have been taken from the Peking Committee Bible (This is the Bible we have reprinted). This Bible was first printed in 1874 and used the Hebrew Masoretic and Greek Textus Receptus therefore all the passages that should be there are there. Because of China’s constant uprisings and unrest it has not been reprinted until now. This version is reliable and superior to the current government approved Chinese Union Version.

3) Because of a 300 year old debate concerning the term to use for God in China which has been insoluble to date, I need to tell you which term we used in this translation. Today most missionaries of our stripe (Bible believers) have used a term that is very generic and refers to gods, spirits, trolls, fairies, and all other mythical creatures. Because of its broad meaning, most, although not completely satisfied with it, feel it can be taught that it refers to the one true God. In this translation of Holy Women we have not used this term; we chose rather the word the Peking Committee Bible has used. This term tends to receive criticism as there was a papal bull that declared the Catholic church would use the term, therefore the term and the name of the Catholic church in China come from the same source (Catholic Church in China is “Church of God”). Without getting into the heart of the issue, simply giving explanation, it is our belief that the term in English for all religions is the same and need not be avoided for fear of association with Rome, nor should it be avoided in Chinese. Only missionaries are familiar with this association to Rome, as the Chinese make no distinction between Catholic and Protestant, let alone Baptists.

Holy Women Syllabus DISABLED LINK This is in both Chinese and English

Russian Titles

Broken into 3 sections for downloading: OTS-1OTS-2OTS-3
God or Mammon
Jonah, Christ-Honoring Commentary
Essence of Christianity

Serbian Titles

Cvrst Temelj

Ukranian Titles

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Italian Titles

Hungarian Titles


Portuguese Titles

Corrected copy (text on last did not convert correctly)
O Firme Fundamento

Romanian Titles

Revised with more accurate Scripture translation – September 09,2008
Cornel/Logan – Revised with more accurate Scripture translation – June ,2012

Spanish Titles – Títulos en Español

Urdu Titles

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Nepali Titles

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Korean Titles

Cover (full color for printing)
Cover (full color for printing)
Cover (full color for printing)
Genesis 3, Outline Study Cover (full color for printing)
Hebrews 11, Outline Study Cover (full color for printing)
The Fruit of The Spirit Cover (full color for printing)
Baptism of The Holy Spirit Cover (full color for printing)
Revelation, Book 1 Cover (full color for printing)
Calvinism Cover (full color for printing)
Healing (part of Signs, Wonders, Miracles) Cover (full color for printing)
Tongues (part of Signs, Wonders, Miracles) Cover (full color for printing)
The Great White Throne of Judgement Cover (full color for printing)
Why We Stand on The KJV Cover (full color for printing)
Sermon Preparation and Delivery Cover (full color for printing)
Stewards – A Sermon for Preachers Cover (full color for printing)
How To Study & Teach The Bible Cover (full color for printing)
The Will of God Cover (full color for printing)
Romans 8:28 Cover (full color for printing)
Heaven and Hell Cover (full color for printing)
Drinking In Moderation Cover (full color for printing)
Dress Codes and Modest Apparel Cover (full color for printing)
Witnessing Cover (full color for printing)
Holy Women Cover (full color for printing)
The Doctrine of The Church Cover (full color for printing)
The Church Universal and Local Cover (full color for printing)
The Church and Tribulation Cover (full color for printing)
The Law and Rightly Dividing The Word Reconsidered
Eternal Security Cover (full color for printing)
What About The Heathen? Cover (full color for printing)

KJV Bible Study Correspondence Course
The KJV Bible Study Correspondence Course contains a series of lessons on the basic issues of what God says in His Word. This is what God says about Christianity – not what Man says about it. These are set up for use as a correspondence course by Brother Andy at Highway Evangelistic Ministries (5311 Windridge Lane, Lockhart, FL 32810 U.S.A.). These lessons are currently available in 5 different languages (English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, and Telugu), and are used throughout the world to teach new Christians the fundamentals of understanding God’s Word.

Translators Needed
It is our sincere desire to reach as many men and women as possible with the truth about Jesus Christ. Can you help? We are looking for people to translate our written materials into any and every foreign tongue. The postings on this site represent the fine work of such volunteers. If you would like to help spread the gospel in this way please contact us at once.