Live Streaming

Click here for Bible Conference sermon audio and photos.


  • On occasion, there may be a pause while the audio is muted for some reason, so please be patient. The player on this page will show whether live streaming is available or not.
  • Download the free TuneIn App for iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, or Blackberry by going to Then search for Bible Baptist Church – James Knox to listen.

If you would like to join with us during the song service, these are the two Hymnals that we use. If none is specified, then assume that it is “The Blue Book” since that is the one we use most often. Page numbers are announced, but the song title is seldom given.

  • “The Blue Book” is Great Hymns of the Faith, edited by John W. Peterson
  • “The Red Book” is All American Church Hymnal, edited by Smith and Henson.