Jed Carson – Philippine Islands

Jed Carson, missionary to the people of the Philippine Islands.

Jed Carson, missionary to the people of the Philippine Islands.

Though I am just starting out on the deputation process, things are already starting to pick up speed. My first meeting was in Austin, TX, at Capitol City Baptist Church, during their Annual Missions Conference. Other support has started to come in too.

It was a blessing and an honor to get to hear from so many who are currently on the field and have been so for quite some time. To Capitol City, I want to thank you again for everything.

Quite a survey trip
As I have been in Bible school now for over two years, I have been contemplating future ministry possibilities. It just so happened that during this summer, I was given the opportunity to go to the Philippines to visit Br. Sutek’s work.

I had heard much about the opportuni-ties and open door over in that part of the world. It turned out that every bit of it was true. Many hearts were open to hearing the truth’s of God’s word. In two weeks of ministry; we had only one person who was argumentative.

The kind and hospitable treatment I received from the people blew me away. Of course it is well known that neither preachers nor Americans are always welcome in many places. It was also the case that I had never seen such humility.

Ministry Opportunities
We were able to preach and minister in many public places inaccessible in America: in police stations, on public transportation and in public schools during school hours. Fifty or more students in a classroom attentively listening as I spoke in English. As I have almost a decade of experience working in the public school system, I found this opportunity almost unbelievable.

Teaching Opportunities
In addition, I will be serving in a teaching capacity at the local church and along side Br. Sutek at his Bible Institute.

There is much that needs to transpire between now and then, but the Lord is able. Know that your prayers and support is greatly appreciated.

In Christ,
Jed Carson

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