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The Bible teaching and ministry you enjoy via THE BIBLE Baptist Church, our materials and this web site does not come about by chance. Countless hours of study and hard work go into these sermons, books, and ministries. The world opposes us. Satan opposes us. Our flesh opposes us. Carnal, jealous and bitter saved people oppose us. We depend upon your prayers. Should a minister fail or a ministry erode people who have not prayed will criticize. Would you please help us to help others by faithfully and fervently interceding at the throne of grace on our behalf? Please pray that we will be faithful to the word of God. That we will have wisdom in all the decisions we face daily. That the Lord will send us workers to assist in this labor. That our needs will be abundantly supplied so this work may go forward. That secular entities and carnal professing Christians will allow us to lead a quiet and peaceable life.


It is a true joy to our hearts when you take the time to send along a testimony and let us know how God has used us to be a help and a blessing to you. Those who give so much in hopes others will come to know Jesus Christ or enter into a more complete relationship with Him are tremendously encouraged to learn their efforts have been worthwhile.


When we sent the first three boxes of recorded sermons to Ghana in 1989 we never could have anticipated the part the Lord would have us play in His great work. Determined to make our materials free to those who could not afford them, and determined to never solicit funds, we trusted God to meet the needs of His work in answer to our prayer. We have now sent almost 3 million recorded sermons and Bible studies, over 250,000 books and countless Bibles and tracts to men and women around the world – at no cost to these needy souls. We have never sent out a letter of appeal, or made any request for funds inside or outside our assembly. We have been able to do this because brothers and sisters in Christ like you have seen the need, been blessed by the work, and have been willing to help. Your gifts enable us to purchase radio time, to erect billboards on interstate highways, to send the gospel and Bible teaching to the ends of the earth. The need is tremendous and the cost is incredible. We sincerely thank each of you for every contribution and are so thankful to God for using you as He uses us so that together we may preach the gospel to every creature. To God be the glory!


If you have been blessed by our ministry, let others know.

Donating Using PayPal

THE BIBLE Baptist Church of DeLand sends out thousands of books and tapes free of charge each year to those who cannot afford to pay for them. These are funded by those who contribute to this ministry. If you would like to be a part of this ministry, this is an easy way to do so by using a credit card.

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