Election Thoughts

On Tuesday, November 6:

1. A Marxist is re-elected President by the will of the American people
2. Two states vote to legalize sodomite marriages
3. One state elects an avowed lesbian for senator
4. One state votes to legalize recreational pot

It is time for:

1. Christians to get back to the reading and study of the word of God and preaching the gospel. If millions are not truly saved from sin this will only get worse. Political web sites, talk shows, etc. are not the answer. Go back and read all of their prophecies from a week ago. Compare them to the prophecies in God’s word. More time with the Bible – less with lost men who have no light.

2. Christians to fully understand that the majority in America now prefer

  • Pro Muslim over Pro Israel
  • Pro Homo over Pro Family
  • Pro Extorted Handout over Pro Work
  • Pro Illegal over Pro Law Abiding
  • Pro Baby Killing over Pro Life
  • Pro Parasite over Pro Producer
  • Pro My Own Religion over Pro Word of God

There is no cure for this but winning people to Jesus and teaching them the Bible.

3. Fervent prayer for our men who are out of work and our men who have lousy jobs. Your nation decided last night that many more should join the ranks of the un and under employed. Marxist policy is to level the playing field. You cannot elevate the ignorant and slothful so you must punish the intelligent and industrious. That is the only way they can achieve their beloved equality. May the Lord help our men to provide for their families and help our families to learn to live within their means.

4. All of you who tell me every four years there will never be another election because the (fill in the blanks) are going to take over, and then witness another election, need to forever cease to give your attention to whoever keeps feeding you this false propaganda. They are wasting your time.