Dating The Rapture

James W. Knox
May 23, 2011

From the very first time I looked upon her she filled me with hope and wonder. There is no way to tell you how often thereafter my mind would dwell upon her, and the many ways in which I was sure she could change my life. Though little of her was known to me, that which I knew drew me to her and made me want to see her. When I enquired as to her name I was told the she was called rapture.

Fascinated by the thought of being swept away by her power I boldly asked those who seemed to know so much about her if perhaps I might date her.

Oh no, came back the warnings, not from those who thought her evil, but from those who seemed to think that she was so high and lofty that she would never allow herself to be dated. Others led me to understand that were she to let one date her then others would be excluded, and she had no desire to specially favor one at the expense of all others.

It seems that long ago a chap named Miller tried to date her but was brought to embarrassment by the attempt. In the years that followed, once in a great while one would work up the courage try but she would allow none of them to date her. A man by the name of Peter, whom many thought worthy, tried to date her two or three times, but this only brought him ridicule from those who watched him valiantly fail. One fellow gave eighty-eight reasons why he would be the one to date her, but she ignored him altogether. Another sap named Harold boasted to all the world that he could date her, and spent goodly sums of other men’s money to proclaim the news. Yet in the end he only made a fool of himself.

Being a Christian and wanting to do things in a decent and orderly fashion, I asked God if it were possible for any man to date this beautiful rapture, after all, her alluring charms appealed in so many ways to so many men. His answer was kind but emphatic, NO, no one may date her now or ever. You may adore her, you may long for her, you may speak of her charms to others, you may sing about her, and you may hope that one day she will carry you away from all your toil and trouble, but date her you may not.