Why We’re Here

The Internet, like just about every other inanimate object in this world, is neither good nor bad. It is what we do with it that makes it good or bad. The Web has opened up a new frontier in The Great Commission to spread The Gospel. This site represents our effort to do just that.

The Legal Copyright Notice

The sermons and books on this site produced by Brother James Knox are copyrighted to him.

We copyright the material to

  • Keep people from altering the content
  • Prevent people from using someone else’s labor for their own financial gain

Anyone may copy our tapes or reprint our books as long as they do not alter the content in any way and as long as the copies have our name and address on them so that people who want more of our materials know where to get them.

You do not need written permission to reproduce our materials as long as you are not going to sell the reproductions for more than the cost of production and shipping.

The only exception is the music tapes and CDs. We ask that people not duplicate them but get additional copies from us because

  • There are musicians, producers, etc. involved who all have a stake in that product.
  • We need some control over recording artists who pirate songs.

Some of the photos used on this site may be from the Microsoft Clip Art collection. Please refer to that site for copyright information.

The Biblical Copyright Notice

Greetings in the saving name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

  • The materials posted on this site are here for the instruction and edification of born again Christians and to give light to those who do not know Christ Jesus as Lord and Savior.
  • You are free to download these materials. You are free to copy these materials.
  • You are free to distribute these materials.
  • You are not free to sell the copies for anything more than the cost of materials and postage.
  • To those who are honest men and women with good hearts we kindly ask that you not profit financially from this information.
  • To those who are dishonest men and women with mercenary hearts we strongly advise you to stop pirating copyrighted material. It cost you no work or labor to research these sermons and books. It cost you nothing to read them, hear them and download them. It should cost others nothing to have you pass the information along.

Thank you very much.

Web Site Information

This web site is maintained by Stephen and Laura McGehee; we also manage the web store and process and mail the web orders. If a sermon audio file is messed up or a link doesn’t work or your order is late or wrong, then we’re the ones responsible. If everything works correctly, then it’s all because of God’s grace and all the folks who help us keep things straight.

Links Policy

This web site does not include a links page to other web sites that are not directly associated with THE BIBLE Baptist Church. We take seriously the responsibility to teach straight from The Bible. Since we have no control over the content of other sites, and do not have the time to study the doctrine on other web sites, we decided that simply not having a links page is the best course for us to take. There are a number of excellent Bible-Believers sites on the web, and we encourage you to visit them; however, we will not have links from this web site. If your web policy is different, and you would like to include a link to jameswknox.org, we would certainly welcome that, but we cannot provide a reciprocal link.