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Brother James Health Issues
Friday September 5, 2014
Before you hear bits and pieces of things which may or may not be true, we are sending out the following statement:

♦Since early July Brother James has been experiencing chest pain and shortness of breath. These symptoms came and went for a few weeks but are now on-going.

♦A visit to the doctor on Tuesday revealed problems in an EKG and his blood pressure, normally quite low, was very high.

♦A full battery of blood work has been done, results are pending. He is scheduled to see a cardiologist on Sept. 17.

♦The September meeting with Pastor Alltop in Danville, KY has been cancelled as doctors and family did not want him flying until this is resolved.

♦There is no further information to be given at this time.

♦Please pray, nothing more. As tempted as you will be to send suggested cures, treatments, etc. we ask that you please just make this a matter of prayer.

Thank you.

DSB Correspondence School
The DeLand School of THE BIBLE Fall 2014 Semester begins on August 24. There is still time to enroll as a regular student or as a correspondence student. Click the “School” menu link above for more information.

The Preaching of The Cross radio program is a ministry of THE BIBLE Baptist Church of DeLand, and is now heard in many states and on 6 continents. Responses have been received from 182 nations around the world. (Links to the Radio program CDs are on the right side of this page.)

We hope you enjoy your visit here and will come back often!

What’s New at THE BIBLE Baptist Church

DeLand School of THE BIBLE – Correspondence School


For over a decade, THE BIBLE Baptist Church of DeLand has had the joy of training men and women for full and part time Christian service through the ministry of The Deland School of THE BIBLE. If you desire a place in the ministry the complete training provided at The Deland School of THE BIBLE will prove invaluable. However, not everyone who wants a disciplined course of study is headed for ministerial service, and not everyone who desires to attend Bible school has the means to relocate – for those, perhaps the correspondence school is the answer. For more information about the Correspondence School, click here.

Classes begin August 24. You still have time to enroll for the Fall 2014 Semester.


Names and Titles of The Lord Jesus Christ

This sermon series is now available on four CDs:

Volume 1: (2013-2014) Twenty sermons on the names and titles of Jesus from letters A-D.
Volume 2: (2013-2014) Twenty sermons on the names and titles of Jesus from letters D-H.
Volume 3: (2013-2014) Twenty sermons on the names and titles of Jesus from letters I-P.
Volume 4: (2013-2014) Twenty sermons on the names and titles of Jesus from letters P-W.


rev_coverThe third volume of the Christ-Honoring Commentary Series is actually two books in one.

In Book One, the reader will study end-time prophecy by themes. Brother James’ chronological presentation of God’s plan for the end of the ages contains a concise yet thorough unfolding of the church age, the tribulation, the second coming of Jesus Christ, the millennium, and eternity. Thousands of cross-references will enable the serious Bible student to mine rich treasure from the prophetic scriptures.

Book Two contains word-by-word commentary on the entire book of Revelation. Minute detail and clear explanation of every verse make this commentary a must read.

You will not find a book anywhere that contains more information from and about the word of God than this one.