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rev_coverThe third volume of the Christ-Honoring Commentary Series is actually two books in one.

In Book One, the reader will study end-time prophecy by themes. Brother James’ chronological presentation of God’s plan for the end of the ages contains a concise yet thorough unfolding of the church age, the tribulation, the second coming of Jesus Christ, the millennium, and eternity. Thousands of cross-references will enable the serious Bible student to mine rich treasure from the prophetic scriptures.

Book Two contains word-by-word commentary on the entire book of Revelation. Minute detail and clear explanation of every verse make this commentary a must read.

You will not find a book anywhere that contains more information from and about the word of God than this one.

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Now Available – The Humanity of Christ Audio / DVD

Brother James’ book The Humanity of Christ has been narrated by Wade Shiu and is accompanied by a 4-disc DVD presentation of photographs taken by James & Lilian Knox in National Parks & Monuments throughout the USA.

The set is only $20 – which includes postage to the U.S. and Canada.

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