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Baptism of the Spirit is now available for download. This is Chapter 6 of Signs, Wonders, and Miracles,  available from the web store.



Have you ever known me to beg? To plead?
To quote my favorite author “I beseech you!

Considering the condition of our churches,
Considering the repeated tales of failure among ministers,
Considering the drop-out rate of church members

We are ready to ship our newest book entitled


This 290-page book has the following chapter titles:

The Fall and Rise of King David
Exemplary Tales from the Wilderness
The Golden Calf Affair
Jesus’ Teaching on Practical Righteousness
Correct Doctrine vs. Sound Doctrine
and a Concluding Study of Romans 6-8

This material is so urgent that we long for every minister to read it.

This material is so urgent that we long for every minister to give one to every church member.

To facilitate this we are going to price the book as follows:

1 copy             $10
10 copies        $7.50 each
50 copies        $5.00 each
100 copies      $4.00 each

Yes, it is that important.

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THAT BLESSED HOPE – Teaching and Defending the Doctrine of the Rapture of the Church

The First of Two New Books is Now Available
Full Text Posted on Our Site
This Book Will Not be Printed
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Baptism at Lake Diaz

Baptism at Lake Diaz